Do Employees Really Like Working Here?
Leadership, Process, and Employee Motivation
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About This Book
The notion of human psychology in organization management is a curious one as the term rarely fits into organization management properly nor is it often that organization leadership is willing to go down that road. The curious question is why? Why don’t organizations make more of an effort to understand employees by first understanding what employees are, humans. 
  • Rooted in human behavior, this publication helps organizations understand basic human psychology as it relates to individual personal development in the work environment. It is our basic human desire to be acknowledged, accepted, and recognized that propels our motivation to be.
  • The importance of understanding some aspect of human cognition helps organizations better develop organization processes by including employee input and team development relative to the needs of the organization because in the end, employees are the users of the organization, not leadership.
  • Employees are eager to participate, want to be included, and want to help. The development of organization needs should include all levels of any organization from leadership to the line level worker. By way of this publication, team building is enhanced by understanding basic human psychological development as humans look to be a part of something, a part of something bigger than the individual, something that is clearly defined and has clear direction to a goal – the work environment.
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