How About A Little Organization Psychology?
It's About People and Process, Process and People

I Can Show You How to Lead Your Organization with a Little Bit of Process Engineering, A Little Bit of Psychology, 
and a TON of Employee Inspiration!

I Am an Expert in Organization Psychology, 
and I Can Help Your Business Become 
More Effective and More Proactive to The 
Ever-Changing External Environment
I Can Train Your Leadership Team and Your Employees to Be Better Stewards of Your Organization by Understanding...

Team Building

All organizations function best and achieve optimal organization performance when employees work as a cohesive team. I create, develop, and install tools and metrics to ensure employees learn and understand how successful the organization can be when working as an energetic and motivated team.

Emotional Intelligence

Empathy and self-awareness are a "must-have" when leading within organizations. So much is riding on the notion that leadership has the wherewithal to forge forward toward success with the two most important of the five elements of EQ. I teach empathy and self-awareness allowing your teams to be proactive, more energized, and more motivated.

Process Analysis & Engineering

I teach the value of relevant and up-to-date processes within the entirety of your organization. Leadership is not just about sales and expenses, CAPEX, HR, or customers alone - it's ALL of those things where each process must talk to each other (interdependence) as well as being useable by your employees. 

Employee Motivation

Employees are humans first where my training begins with understanding basic human behavior and what organization factors influence employee motivation. Working with organization leadership and organization processes, I am able to understand personal factors that also influence employee motivation.

Employee Inspiration

I teach the importance of employee vision inspiration where employees simply cannot just be a badge number, a payroll line item, or a expendable cost quarter after quarter. Understanding a little bit of human behavior, help leadership develop a more motivated and inspired partner in each and every one of your employees. 

Data Value

The value of data within any organization is priceless. What we do with the data and how we react to information is key to organization leadership. Data resides in many forms within your organization from customer surveys, financials, and employee wellness checks. I teach how to cultivate and harvest data making your organization pro-active as opposed to reactive. 

I Am Available to Speak to Small, Medium, and Large Groups of Teams, Managers, and Executives

As A Subject Matter Expert in Organization Psychology, 
I Know A Few Things About Organization Management

Inefficient Processes Cost Business More Than Just Money - They Cost Customers and Employees

Employees Look to Be a Part of An Organization and Has a Reachable Vision to Aspire To

Employee Turnover in Any Business Is a Symptom of Employees NOT Feeling Part of The Organization

Employees Want to Feel as If They Are Part of Something Bigger Than They Are in Order to Feel Personal Accomplishment at Work

Organization Success Is Not Just About Sales and Expenses. Organization Success Is Also About Relevant Processes 

Customers Would Rather Work with a Business That Is Organized, Structured, and Communicative with Relevant Processes in Place

"We've Always Done It This Way" Cannot Be a Leadership Strategy in Any Organization

Tribal Knowledge Is Yet Another Cause of Inefficient Operations and Low Employee Morale

Respect For Organization Leadership Is Earned, Not Assumed by Way of Title - Employees Will Decide

Poor Employee Performance Is a Symptom of Poorly Designed, Outdated, or Irrelevant Processes

High Costs, Low Profits Are a Result of Poorly Engineered Processes and Demotivated employees

Believe It or Not, Employees Prefer an Organization with Standardized Operating Procedures (SOP)

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Do Employees Really Like Working Here? Leadership, Process, and Employee Motivation 
Luis Luarca PhD
The notion of human psychology in organization management is a curious one as the term rarely fits into organization management properly nor is it often that organization leadership is willing to go down that road. The curious question is why? Why don’t organizations make more of an effort to understand employees by first understanding what employees are, humans. 
  • Rooted in human behavior, this publication helps organizations understand basic human psychology as it relates to individual personal development in the work environment. It is our basic human desire to be acknowledged, accepted, and recognized that propels our motivation to be.
  • The importance of understanding some aspect of human cognition helps organizations better develop organization processes by including employee input and team development relative to the needs of the organization because in the end, employees are the users of the organization, not leadership.
  • Employees are eager to participate, want to be included, and want to help. The development of organization needs should include all levels of any organization from leadership to the line level worker. By way of this publication, team building is enhanced by understanding basic human psychological development as humans look to be a part of something, a part of something bigger than the individual, something that is clearly defined and has clear direction to a goal – the work environment.

For the better part of twenty years Luis Luarca PhD has been consulting organizations in the U.S. and Mexico with improving their overall business operations that not only focus on relevant, up-to-date processes, but emphasize the importance of employee motivation via relevant and up-to-date processes. 

Dr. Luarca has transformed over 80+ different organizations, usually manufacturing, in all facets of their operations collecting relevant data that helps him transform organizations into more efficient, effective, and more inspiring work environments for employees. A "stickiness" is created and installed in all organizations to ensure employees are able to reflect their satisfaction in their jobs, the quality of their work, and their attention to detail, thus creating a positive experience for customers, co-workers, vendors, and their families.  

Luis Luarca PhD

Leadership SME| Published Author | Keynote Speaker

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